Sunday, June 12, 2016


Well it's turned off hot! We have been boating a few times and had some wonderful weather!
We should use this time to take pictures of birds, flowers and Grandkids playing in the water!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I had total knee replacement four weeks ago and I'm doing very well! I prayed a lot about it beforehand and had a lot of friends and family praying for me also. I give all the credit to my Heavenly Father above! I look forward to getting back to work and to my normal routine! My wife and daughters have been so helpful to me, I love them so much!

I had a lot of people tell me about their surgery before I had mine and how awful it hurt and the rehab was so hard. They had me really nervous. I'm gonna try to not speak to anyone in a negative way. I really think you should think positive about any surgery your going to have.

Rehab Assoc. has been very good to me for my physical therapy. I look forward going each time.
I'm part titanium now, so look out world here I come!

God is good!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I always like to get thru Jan. because Feburary is such a short month and March brings some nice days. This month will surely fly by because 11 days will be in Seattle with Dan, Kristin, and Alexandra Rose! Dan and Kristin are going away for about 4 days and we get to keep our Grandaughter for all that time! We are excited to say the least! Its funny how time changes how you feel about certain things in your life. Vacation is always exciting and to think I most excited about just playing with a certain little 2yr old little girl! Life is good!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Debbie and I are flying out to Seattle to visit Dan, Kristin, and Alexandra in about a week! We are staying longer this time than ever before. I look forward to playing with my grandaughter! I hope my son and I have time to go out and take some night shots of Seattle! I miss spending time with him.

Wedding Season

Wedding Season is winding down. We have had a great time capturing the special days of quite a few couples this year! Amanda and I enjoy shooting together and work so well together. I am about caught up with my post processing. This will allow me to get out and shoot some wildlife and working on getting better with some HDR's.
These days it seems I only get my camera out when I am shooting for someone else. I look forward to just shooting for fun because it is such a stress relief for me!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Off

I don't ever get a weekend off, so this was unusal to say the least. I took my wife out to eat Friday night to El Chicos and we had fun! Saturday I never left the house all day and that is not me at all. I got a lot of time in my recliner watching our new HD tv. It was nice spending the time with Debbie just hanging out at home. Amanda came over Sat. night and it was fun having her around. Sunday we got to Church early(amazing) and God was surely there today. Sunday school was full and we learned a lot! We have a very good teacher! Jessie and Brooks came over Sun. night and watched a movie with us and it was good to see them!

Back to work tommorrow and that is good too, because I enjoy my job! I just love being around people and especially my family!

Lets remember to pray for each other this week! Ain't God good!

Life is good today


Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter Blah!!!!!!

This is the time of winter that I wish would be over! I am ready for spring flowers and new growth of all kinds of color!
However I have found a few things that helps me get thru this time. I go hiking in So. Ill. and take pictures of frozen ice hanging from the bluffs, It is a good time to shoot pictures of waterfowl and maybe an eagle or two!

It is also a good time to play around with new things in the studio and experiment!

Lets stay busy!